Press Kit

Fact Sheet:


Description: .EXE is a platformer/rogue-lite game set inside the very computer you once had. Moto, a rogue emoticon is about to be replaced when a new upgrade is downloaded and as a result, he is set to be deleted. Rather than give up, he decides to escape via a floppy disc to freedom! Can you help him unlock secrets, find hidden paths, get power ups and face menacing foes of every kind?

History: We have a combine 9 years experience making games in a professional setting. We have worked on every type of game imaginable ( Ben Ten kids games, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Saint’s Row,etc). Yet each time we never got to make games that fulfilled that old school platforming experience we both enjoy. So this is our shot at making something that will challenge the inner kid in us all! Please support us and make .EXE the next big platforming experience.



  • 50+ randomly selected levels to make each play through unique.
  • 25+ power ups and items to uncover.
  • 20+ enemies and hazards to make Moto’s life difficult…
  • 12 Talents across 3 different trees that you earn throughout your play throughs.

 Screen Shots: